More about the "why" in our business!

Teresa's Story:

Hello, my name is Teresa Alcorn, the co-founder of Empathy Boutique. I wanted to share my story on what inspired me to start this company. I had been making bath and skin products for my friends, family, and myself for many years prior. The idea of making my own products stemmed from having allergies to store bought products.
Unfortunately, in 2015 I had a heart attack. Ever since my health has been a downward spiral. My health forced me into an early retirement. I was stressed about how I would maintain my bills. My daughter, Brandy, in turn urged me to sell my products that so many loved. Together we formed Empathy Boutique LLC, which not only helps me financially but it also gives me the opportunity to keep making and sharing my products with others.
We also try to donate a portion of our profits whenever we are able. That is our goal is to
empathize with others and try to bring a sense of relief when we can. Bath products are a great start to relaxing and letting go of tension and stress. It may seem small, but after all it is the small things that matter.