Tierneys Bath Bombs

Tierneys Bath Bombs

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These bath bombs are a tie dye wonder! They are made with shea butter, hemp oil, aloe and vitamin E. Every one sold a dollar will be donated to Tiereny and her family to help with medical expenses. If you would like to donate to the family directly without making a purchase you can donate to:  


Tierney DeMilles Story:

 Hi, my name is Tierney DeMille and I wanted to share my story with you. I was just your average 13 yr old living in Moab, hanging out with friends, white water rafting, climbing rocks, going on hikes, going swimming. I loved Moab so much because it seemed I was never bored or had nothing to do. Well, that all changed the night of prom.

 March 5, 2017

My friends and I had gone to prom and were out after curfew (oops!) we were on our way back home when we decided to catch a ride with someone my friend knew. I got a bad feeling and just asked to be dropped off at the house. I wanted out of that car, and quick!

  The driver refused and proceeded to take us up the mountain. I soon realized that the driver had been drinking and my  ‘fight or flight kicked‘ in.  I asked the driver if my friend Taylor could drive us back down the mountain, since he hadn't been drinking and I trusted him to do so. The driver soon pulled over and pulled me out of the car. I don't know how to describe what happened other than I was forcibly assaulted.  I didn't know what to do. My defense mechanism kicked in so when we got back in the car I laid down on Taylors (my best friend) lap and tried to go to sleep.  Hoping that when I woke everything would be over, we would be back down the mountain and at the house.

   I don't remember Taylor putting on my seatbelt as the driver began to drive in excess of 100 mph. Drifting curves of the mountain.  I don't remember at what point he lost control of the car and we began to roll down the mountain, I don't remember the sounds of crunching metal, I don't remember my friend not having time to put on her safety belt.  I don't remember my two best friends being thrown out of the car.  I don't remember hanging upside down in a car that looked like a crunched up soda can.  What I do remember is waking up in the hospital..sorta.

  I’ve been told that I lay in the hospital in a induced coma. I had countless surgeries over the next several days, and weeks to put a plate in my shoulder, fuse my tibia to my heel bone because I lost my right ankle, and almost severed my left leg at the knee. My entire brain was bruised and I had 2 frontal lobe bleeds. It had been a couple weeks before my Mom told me that my best friend in the world Taylor and Conner had died at the scene. That I was in a terrible accident and that I was lucky to be alive. Slowly memories came back of the night of the accident with tears streaming down my face, but I still don't remember the accident itself.

   While I stayed in the Primary Children’s Hospital my family moved to West Jordan knowing that I would need extended care, and that’s where we also have a lot of support. I know it was hard for my Mom to relocate the family and find a house in our budget. She made me my own room with balloons tacked to the wall and a corner of stuffed toys and animals I got while at the hospital.

  I saw Taylor in my dreams, she came to say goodbye and that she loved me. That my life would now be lived for her. My strength comes from her and of course my family. My recovery started off slow due to my brain injury and the pain of losing my BFF, but my mom says she’s proud of all that I have accomplished. Physical therapy for my arm that the nerves are coming back and I just got cleared to walk. I got a lift in my shoe to compensate the length difference of not having an ankle. I don't know if I can ever climbs rocks like I used to or hike up trails but I do know that I am alive and I am a fighter and a firecracker as Mom would say. I just celebrated my 14th birthday. I have my good days and bad days of course, but I know that Taylor and Conner are watching me, cheering me on.

 - Tierney DeMille